Drake is at a point in his life where he can get with any woman on the planet based solely on his celebrity status. While we've seen him out with plenty of women in the past few weeks, they have all appeared to be solo dates. Perhaps the most eligible bachelor in the world, Drake stepped out on a date with seven women at the same time last night, giving hope to any girl living in Los Angeles that has a dream to party with one of the most popular artists in the world.

Fresh off the release of Scorpion, Drizzy would have been upset with just one female being in his section at Delilah's Wednesday night in Hollywood. In fact, he wasn't down with two, three, four, five or even six ladies joining him to celebrate the success of his album. That's right, folks. Drake had at least seven women join him at the L.A. hotspot to partake in his glory. TMZ managed to capture a video of the artist making his way into the side entrance, followed by a bevy of beautiful girls, crossing their fingers to be the subject of the next "In My Feelings." 

We've previously reported on the incredible streaming successDrake has experienced with his last album, absolute shattering records in the process. While many are still consumed by the double-sided album, some are wondering if Drake is losing his influence and while I, for one, disagree that he's shedding any of his clout, there is definitely an argument to be had.