No static stretches required fort his mild aerobic activity. The ever-charitable Drake has managed to outdo himself with the release of "God's Plan," during which he donated one million toward those in need. And while he no doubt has money in the bank, Floyd Mayweather's stash is absolutely Smaug-esque in comparison. The reported billion-dollar-man recently threw together his third birthday bash, channeling his inner teenage-circa-nineteen-fifty and renting out a Los Angeles roller skating rink. Floyd took to the rink in custom Nike roller skates and looked the natural, proving his graceful is not exclusive to the ring. When it comes to throwing fun birthday extravaganzas, his record mirrors that of his boxing career.

Never one to shy away from some wholesome fun, Drake laced up and opted for a couple of solo laps; perhaps the rapper's dormant Canadian powers activated upon seeing a pair of skates. Footage from TMZ reveals Drake skating to the motivation sound of his own music, "Right Hand" to be specific. Suffice it to say, Drizzy seemed to be having a grand old time. He even hit up the arcade for a go at the ever-popular free-throw basketabll game. 

It wouldn't be a Floyd Mayweather birthday without a little bit of braggadocio. The undefeated one spends the final moments bragging about his 2018 Rolls Royce which has yet to hit the streets. Check out the footage below, and stay tuned for more news on Drake's forthcoming album.