This weekend marked the first annual Fam Jam celebrity soccer game during El Clasico Miami, and Drake, who played the role as coach for one of the inaugural teams is a little salty with the results.

The opposing team was handled by Golden State Warriors ... Draymond Green, and after Green's team proved victorious, Drake had a theory on why the odds weren't in his favor to begin with.

This is a very sweaty Drake coming to you live from Miami," he began in a post-game interview. "Just played a rigged soccer game, rigged by Draymond. A lot of extra rules I’d never heard of in soccer. But, uh, it was a lot of fun. Had some great people out there," he smiled off.

He went on to acknowledge the on-field talents of a few unsuspecting teammates, including rapper Dave Ea$t that Drake notes is a "great goalie."

 “I’m gonna have to work all year, train with Neymar, call Ronaldo,” he noted, assuring his return to next year's rematch. “I’m gonna show up with some ringers next year though. Next year I get to put my own squad together, you can’t just give me a squad. NExt year I'm bringing my own team together. Trust me."