Drake has been rocking the finest things his money can buy for time. His latest accessory is a watch that is most likely worth more than most people's lifetime incomes. His Richard Mille wrist watch is a sexy stunner.

He showed off the gem on social media with a caption that states how his purchase is "poetic" like its owner. A phrase is inscribed inside the watch's face: "I want to caress you tonight."

The tourbillon watch is part of a limited edition collection. The accessories each offer their owners a multitude of erotic phrases to choose from thanks to rotating bars built into their facade. 

The top bar: "I want to"; "I need to"; "I long to"; "I lust to"; "I'd love to" and "Let me"

The middle bar: "explore"; "taste"; "kiss"; "arouse"; "devour"; and "caress".

The bottom bar: "you tonight"; "your lips"; "your body"; "your nipples"; "your pussy"; and "you madly"

Drake is still on his soft-boy tip given the options.

The prices for Richard Mille watches are available upon request. Some of their models have been valued at over $2 Million. Drake probably dished out a substantial quantity of bills to snag one of these exclusive pieces.