Pi'erre Bourne isn't taking any losses any time soon, and according to Drake's most recent revelation, the young producer's hot streak will continue as the pair has been cooking some things up in the lab. 

It was last month that Pi'erre revealed to Billboard that he would be spending the rest of 2017 and parts of 2018 working on several full-length efforts, including his own and Drake's, touching on his time on the Boy Meets World Tour, and the mentorship he's received.

"The Boy Meets World Tour was awesome," the Atlanta-based artist and producer told the publication. "Being able to be on stage and all of the venues sold out, I never thought I could do something like that. It put my mind through a lot. Drake's a really good guy, he showed me a lot being out there. Really just got me excited for the future, it was dope."

In the same sit-down he'd go on to reveal that he was hoping to get Drake to hop on a track on his forthcoming Pi'erre 4 project before revealing he was putting his hands on Drake's own effort in addition to projects from Playboi Carti.

Looks like that Drake collaboration has already come to fruition as the More Life rapper recently stepped into Pi'erre Bourne's live session and took the time to respond to a fan inquiring about said collab.

“Drake you gone send Pierre that verse tho?????”

Drake's simple and reassuring reply read, "Me and Pierre already got one."

More than likely, this indicates an appearance on whatever forthcoming effort that Drake has got coming up as that brief hiatus he once described may be nearing its final dates.

Check out the full exchange below.