Though Drake has undoubtedly experienced prosperity the likes of us will never see, he is, in many ways, an everyman at heart. Every so often, shades of "Silver City Indigo" Drizzy emerge: the fanboy, the geek, the wholesome individual who once captured hearts on Degrassi. Gone are the "Mob Ties" and "SMS Triple X" mutterings. Today, Drake is one of us, taking to Instagram to share a moment of starstruck glee, which transpired after a recent concert in Atlanta.

Behold, Drake cozying up to acclaimed actress, the beautiful Salma Hayek. Note the lovesick grin on his face, as he no doubt reflects on select scenes from Wild WildWest; you know the scenes of which I speak. "I’m playing Salma way too close in this," writes Drake, alongside a smitten emoji. Also in the picture are Monica Brown and Tiffany Haddish, though Drake seems particularly enthralled by Hayek. 

Salma made sure to return the love, taking to her own Instagram to congratulate Drake on a job well done. "Thank you #drake for your incredible performance in Atlanta last night. I feel so lucky to have been there."