The much anticipated Dragon Ball Z x Adidas sneaker collection has yet to be fully revealed but select sneakers have surfaced in recent weeks, including the "Majin Buu" Adidas Kamanda and the "Frieza" Adidas Yung-1. The latest DBZ x Adidas sneaker comes in the form of the Adidas Prophere, which is inspired by the villain Cell.

The green, knit upper of the Prophere is highlighted by a spotted pattern that mirrors Cell's skin, while the purple and navy blue accents further the ties to the character's look. Pricing and a specific release date have not yet been announced but the "Cell" Adidas Prophere is rumored to drop in September.

In total, there are seven different Dragon Ball Z x Adidas sneakers set to release later this year. The collection will reportedly drop in pairs, beginning with Goku going head-to-head with Frieza, followed by Cell vs Gohan in September, and Vegeta vs Majin Buu in October. Lastly, the collection will conclude with a Shenron-inspired sneaker in December.