Amid the racial equality protests throughout the United States, there are many out there who believe some of country's statues must come down. While many of these statues are of historical figures, it has been rightly pointed out that these figures have controversial pasts that aren't exactly welcoming or inclusive. Instead, many would rather see these statues replaced with more prominent figures in the fight for social justice. As you can imagine, President Donald Trump highly disagrees with this and is seeking to put statue vandals in jail for up to 10 years.

More recently, Trump took to Twitter with an FBI poster that displays 15 unidentified protesters who tried to take down the Andrew Jackson monument in Washington, D.C. Trump called for 10-year prison sentences and is encouraging people to snitch on the protesters.

“The FBI’s Washington Field Office’s Violent Crimes Task Force, in conjunction with the United States Park Police, is interested in identifying several individuals who are responsible for vandalizing federal property in Lafayette Square,” the poster reads.

Trump's rhetoric and desire to lock people up for 10 years over a statue is certainly a scary display of power, although it's not outside of his wheelhouse, as we've seen over the past few years.

If you see yourself on the poster, it would probably be best to lay low for a while.