An update by Global News just informed us that Donald Trump has tightened up the regulations surrounding travel to Cuba. During Barack Obama's presidency, the former government official re-established travels to Cuba via cruise ships. The latter served as America's first effort to initiate a relationship with Cuba after years of conflict. The travel option quickly went onto becoming the most popular form of U.S. travel to the island with approximately 142K people travelling this way within the first four months of the year. Such a number inflated to a 300% increase last year. The cruises offered a simple, one-way travel option to Cuba that was legal. Though, that is no more.

"Cruise ships as well as recreational and pleasure vessels are prohibited from departing the U.S. on temporary sojourn to Cuba effective tomorrow,” shared the Commerce Department with the press. The sanctions are scheduled to take place Wednesday and serve as an effort by Trump administration to halt the communist government's profit from the increased tourism. Moreover, the new restrictions only hamper Obama's prior efforts to restore normal relations between the United States and Cuba. The regulations' introduction is lead to criticism from Cuban-American communities and Congress allies.