Late last week Lil Wayne had a health scare when twice within 24 hours he showed seizure-like symptoms (which he later downgraded to severe dehydration and migraine), and the jet he was on was forced to land for him to seek medical attention. 

Now the doctors have “grounded” the rap icon, ordering him to not fly on an airplane until further diagnosis about his health can be done.  Weezy has obeyed doctor’s orders, and TMZ reports that he has chartered a luxury bus to travel in while he is unable to fly. 

He is currently staying in his home state of Louisiana, and although the health scare deterred him from attending a court hearing it didn’t stop him from attending the Miami Heat’s season opener.  Tunechi took his luxury bus all the way to Miami, which is where he usually resides. 

It will be interesting to see how long he is unable to fly, and if this will effect and current projects he has in the works.