It's been a busy week for DMX.

It was only on Friday that the veteran emcee posted his bail of $500,000 after being arrested and indicted on 14 counts of tax evasion, racking up a tab of $1.7 million with the IRS.

It was wasn't long before he took to the stage of the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival to deliver on an emotional set that included an appearance from his youngest infant son, Exodus, and a few words of wisdom from the now legally-troubled X.

“It’s all right baby,” he assured the crowd before launching into a performance of his "Slippin" track. “It’s all right. In the name of Jesus it’s all right. I am a walking, breathing, living testament to what God can do in somebody’s life. I know he’s with me. ... all I’m doing is getting rescued by God every time. Every time. I don’t create these situations! But God damn sure rescued me from these situations.”

Further touching on his trangressions, he also noted that he's "not a role model," but advised that he still has some value to dish out.

Watch that clip below.