DJ Khaled has parlayed his Snapchat fiefdom into a diverse array of sponsorships and other lucrative business opportunities. His latest coup: a deal that makes him the face of CÎROC's newest flavor: CÎROC Mango.

“CÎROC is something that when I celebrate, I’m on that CÎROC,” Khaled told People Magazine. “When I want to take the edge off, I’m on that CÎROC. When I’m catching a vibe, I’m on that CÎROC.”

“The partnership with me, Diddy and CÎROC Mango basically sounds so organic,” he continued. “That’s my brother. He’s got great products and I’ve been down with him from day one on it [and] it’s been a great relationship besides the CÎROC.”

As a part of the deal, Khaled stars in CÎROC’s new episode of “Let’s Get It." “Let’s Get It: Khaled’s Odyssey,” DJ Khaled cruises across Miami's aquamarine waters on a jet ski. The video is best watched with a cool, refreshing CÎROC Mango beverage in hand.