This week, we received some great news about Bad Boy's rapper Loon. Following roughly eight years in prison, he returned home. The judge on the case found that the coronavirus was an "extraordinary and compelling" reason to have him released from prison. The judge also had no reason to believe that Loon would be a danger to society. 

Fans celebrated his release across social media, especially after there has been a major push over the years to have him freed. Though it's been 17 years since the release of Loon's debut album, it appears that Diddy still wants to connect with Loon now that he's out. "God is great," Diddy commented under a post of Loon. "Welcome home. Get at me king. Love."

Loon was convicted for his alleged role in a heroin trafficking conspiracy. He was initially expected to be released from prison in August 2021 but thankfully, his release arrived a year early. People close to Loon downplayed his involvement, saying that he merely made an introduction in the drug deal and ultimately, did a 180 with his life. 

In 2008, Loon actually got out of the music industry and converted to Islam. It was only three years later that he ended up getting indicted for conspiracy to distribute a kilogram of heroin.