The Phoenix Suns are reportedly investigating a 2017 incident in which shooting guard Devin Booker and his former teammate Tyler Ulis were involved in a fight over an elevator in Tempe, Arizona on May 26, 2017. TMZ Sports recently obtained footage of the fight that begins with Ulis apparently holding the elevator for his friends when another group of men get on. 

Per TMZ Sports,

"When Tyler continued to hold it ... they took offense and a scuffle broke out. One guy grabbed Tyler while another man put him in a headlock. The fight spilled out of the elevator and into the hallway."

"A short time later, Ulis' friends -- including Suns superstar Booker -- took the elevator to the scene of the fight and found the men who attacked Ulis. Another fight broke out, Ulis threw punches."

Eventually, both groups got down to the lobby where one of Ulis' friends chased the other group of men out of the building. Booker, who covered his face with a bandana, does not appear to hit anyone during the altercation but he did chase after the group as they retreated out of the building.

A source close to the Suns administration tells TMZ, "While these guys know they are always potential targets for others trying to cause trouble, it's hard to blame them for defending their friend who is on the bad end of a 4 on 1 attack."

Check out the footage in the video embedded below.