Phoenix Suns shooting guard Devin Booker has been spotted tearing it up at open gyms several times over the last week, including runs with fellow NBAers like Ben Simmons, Tony Snell and Joakim Noah. 

The competitive juices were flowing during one of the most recent pickup games, as Joakim Noah made sure to send a double-team Booker's way once he caught the ball in the corner. As seen in the video embedded below, Booker wasn't thrilled to see a second defender sprinting at him during the open run.

“Hey bro, we not doubling in open gym. I get that shit all season. Come on, man. Let’s work on our game.”

Naturally, Noah didn't back down as he quickly replied to Book, "Yeah we are."

The video has since made the rounds on #NBATwitter with a majority of fans siding with Joakim, although there were a few Booker supporters who think he should've been allowed to work on his 1-on-1 game during the run.

Check out the footage below, as well as some opinions about Booker's thoughts regarding double-teaming during pickup games.