Patso Dimitrov, the designer who brought you hip-hop album-inspired jerseys and a collection of 90s rap inspired Air Jordans, is back at it again- this time working with Lonzo Ball's $495 ZO2 Prime.

With the NBA Draft Lottery taking place tonight, Patso has unveiled a collection of ZO Prime PEs styled after each of the 14 lottery teams that Lonzo could be playing for next season.

As it stands now, Lonzo looks like he'll be a Top-3 pick and there's a real chance he'll be staying in Los Angeles to play for the Lakers. Of course, that's all dependant on how the ping pong balls fall tonight.

Regardless of where Lonzo ends up, he'll surely have a special edition PE designed in his team colors which could look like one of the 14 colorways shown in the gallery above.