It's a mystery to me how Deontay Wilder hasn't become more famous outside the ring. Whatever he lacks in footwork he sure makes up for with publicity stunts, like the one he staged this afternoon in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Bronze Bomber essentially booked a flight to Belfast just to psychologically torment fellow Heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury.

The Englishman is returning from a lengthy bid on the sidelines where he grappled with mental health issues, this after winning the highest honors in the sport off the back of a Wladimir Klitschko victory in November 2015. A rematch clause was punched, and subsequently abandoned.

Since then Anthony Joshua has scooped up the belts vacated by Tyson Fury during his absence, while Deontay Wilder WBC title, thought to be equally prestigious. The issue here is that Deontay Wilder has promised both men they would do battle in 2019. Wilder and Joshua's promotional team have an April 13 date encircled for the bout, which leaves Fury the rest of the year to negotiate terms for his grudge match with the WBC Heavyweight Champ.

Wilder reiterated his interest in the fight by showing up for Fury's pre-fight press conference for Saturday's return fight against Italian boxer Francesco Pianeta, himself coming off a setback. Fury is an overwhelming favorite to win his return fight, whereas as Pianeta is not a boxer with any career prospects of note. 

Deontay Wilder's screams were pretty hard to muffle in the highly concentrated room. Inevitably, the highly volatile Tyson Fury reacted to being upstaged at his presser. Both men pointed fingers dangerously close to each other's personal bubble. Wilder's visit to Northern Ireland is viewed as a delayed response to Fury's in-ring challenge of 2016 when he traveled to Brooklyn to watch the American take on Artur Szpilka.

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