Dennis Rodman is one of the most interesting people to ever play the game of basketball. Whether he's wearing a wedding dress or traveling to go meet with Kim Jong Un, you can expect Rodman to be up to something a little wild. The former NBA star also has some pretty strong opinions on today's game and shared some of those thoughts on Overtime this past week while strapped to a lie detector test.

During the interview, Rodman absolutely laced into LeBron James, saying him and his Chicago Bulls teammates would have destroyed the Los Angeles Lakers tar.

"Do you know who can lock up LeBron? Me, Mike, and Scottie could," Rodman says around the 6:05 mark. "LeBron is so easy to play. He is so f***ing easy to play. He don't have any moves... He ain't got no moves... Scottie Pippen could shut his f***ing ass down quick before I get to him. His game is too simple, he just big.... 6'8, 6'9. That's the only thing he got. Pretty much. I've played against guys 7'0, 300. So, it don't really matter."

As for Kevin Durant, Rodman had the exact same thoughts, noting that height doesn't matter if you know how to play defense properly.

"KD, same thing," Rodman explained. "Once you get to know people's game it's very easy to play them. They just long. They just tall."