Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle David Irving was suspended by the NFL for the third time in his career after breaking their drug use policy. In 2017 and 2018, Irving was suspended for the first four games of the season, but this time around, he has been suspended indefinitely. Each time, Irving has been critical of the league and their hypocritical views on drug use. Essentially, Irving says that the league is willing to medicate players with prescription pills which are addictive but are harsh on recreational drugs such as marijuana, which aren't as addictive or devastating.

Irving took to some Instagram comments recently and unloaded on the NFL, making his case as for why his suspension was undeserved. The comment was in relation to a story on how the NFL is thinking about restructuring their substance abuse policy.

 Tom Pennington/Getty Images

"Once they do that, give me a call," Irving said. "Cuz it's bulls*** how I have Xanax bars n hydros right next to me to take, given to me by the NFL of course. However, we can't smoke the same weed the staff itself smokes."

The NFL has been criticized numerous times over the years when it comes to its stance on weed, as many players have been suspended for minuscule infractions.

Irving will become a free agent as of March 13th and his future in Dallas remains uncertain.