In a recent interview with Mad Dog Sports Radio, former New York Mets outfielder, Darryl Strawberry, admitted to having sex in the team's clubhouse DURING games.

These revelations stem from the recent ESPN 30 For 30 titled, "Doc And Darryl" which highlights the rise and fall of the New York Mets' troubled super stars. 

Shockingly, Straw says he never used drugs while in the clubhouse but he did explain how he managed to pull random women out of the stands while the Mets were on the road. 

"Between innings," he added. "It worked out well just how crazy it was. It kind of worked out that way. You organize it, point her out and tell the kid go get her."

"When I was on the road, probably. It’s a great possibility. In the middle of a game. Let’s just leave it at that. Been there, done that."

That's something that could never happen in today's game, thanks in large part to social media, but if we're going to go down that rabbit hole, the Top 5 athletes who would try to pluck a girl out of the stands during a game are:

JR Smith, JR Smith, Jr Smith, JR Smith and Jr Smith.