Former Major League Baseball star Darryl Strawberry made an appearance on the Dr. Oz Show today and revealed some of the wild details about his life during his career, as he dealt with numerous addictions.

Strawberry, who battled drug and alcohol addiction during his career and in retirement, revealed that his sex addiction was so severe that he sometimes had sex between innings.

Strawberry told Dr. Oz that he was able to get away with having sex during games because his teammates would cover for him. Although, he admitted that it was "pretty cool," he says his teammates were also enabling him.

'It was pretty crazy,' Strawberry said on the Dr. Oz show on Thursday. 'It was a pretty crazy lifestyle. 

'In the middle of games, yeah, I would go between innings, and stuff like that, and run back, and, you know, have a little party going on,' he continued. 'And, you know, I thought it was pretty cool. I mean, that's just the addiction, the drive.' 

'It, it's a behavior that's not good for anyone. But I think when you have, when you have an addictive personality, like addicts, and alcoholics, and, and sex addiction, it's an addictive personality. And we turn it on, and we turn it off.'

Strawberry, who is now a born-again Christian, says he has taken it upon himself to reach out to other athletes who struggle with drugs and alcohol, such as Lamar Odom.