Not every fan of hip hop is able to name their favorite lyric of all time because there are just too many gems out there to pin down just one. Yet, Genius chats with some of today's hottest stars for their Drop a Line series to check in with them about their favorite bars. We recently reported that Tory Lanez went with the late, great Big Pun's "Deep Cover" when he was presented with the question, and on a recent episode, DaniLeigh shared that her favorite lyric ever comes from rising artist Roddy Ricch.

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"I'll go do something new," she said in the video clip. "I like when Roddy Ricch was like: 'Turn my whole squad into bosses / I can't be kickin sh*t like I'm Adidas.' I like that," she said of the Los Angeles rapper's single "Every Season," adding "He was like...that sh*t fire to me. I feel like my whole vibe, like me, I got my squad, I got my family, like, 'Turn my whole squad to bosses,' I feel like an empire. Like, that's hard. But it's your squad, too."

"And then, 'I can't be kickin sh*t like I'm Adidas,' that's just a hard line," DaniLeigh said. "Like, I can't be kickin' it with you. Like, I'm Adidas, and that's fly, too. I see what you did there Roddy Ricch, okay." Watch DaniLeigh's clip and check out the video to the Grammy-nominated rapper's track "Every Season" below.

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