Black Friday has come and gone and now it's cyber Monday. Today there are many of the same deals available as on Friday but now you don't have to do anything except sit back, click and wait for the doorbell. 

There's the widely reported on PlayStation 4 and Spider-Man deal, where you can get console and the game for $200 from Best Buy. Not to be outdone, Microsoft is doing an almost identical deal where you can get an Xbox One and Minecraft's "creator bundle" for the same price. There are also huge sales happening for individual games that you can find here. Phones will be cheap too, with companies like Verizon giving from $100 to $300 off the new iPhone depending on whether or not Verizon's already your carrier. 

But, while all this seems great and whatever you buy will probably be shipped to you within less than a week (unless you live in Canada, where there's currently a postal strike), there is a cost to such a hassle-free end product. The people who work in back end, organizing deliveries for companies like Amazon and Verizon are not being treated very well. The New York Times reported that multiple women in a Verizon warehouse were forced to exert themselves more than was safe during pregnancy and, as a result, miscarried. 

If you're still interested in the deals, a more complete list can be found here