Curren$y has always been a strong force in the mixtape circuit, continuously releasing free projects over paid releases. The rapper and his Jet Life label are now looking to re-invent the mixtape game, with a new partnership with BitTorrent.

HHDX reports that Spitta and his Jet Life crew are in talks with BitTorrent to release a new multimedia mixtape bundle through the site.

Austin Leigh, Jet Life label's Digital Marketing & Brand Strategist spoke on the endeavor to BitTorrent's blog. "When the discussion began with BitTorrent, it became apparent that that Bundle format could help us reinvent and grow 2.0 mixtape culture," he said. "Jet Life has built a massive audience by embracing a D.I.Y., direct-to-fan mentality from the start. We’ve always put listeners first. BitTorrent allows us to reach these fans – as well as one of the largest audiences online."

The Jet Life BitTorrent bundle will consist of new music from Curren$y, Young Roddy, Corner Boy P, Fiend, and the rest of the Jet Life crew. On top of this, the bundle will also contain HD video footage, "interactive tour posters, catalogs, exclusive contests, and rewards you can redeem offline, at shows." 

You can grab all that content on July 30th when the bundle drops.

As BitTorrent explains what a 'bundle' is, "Each BitTorrent Bundle, like the one created in partnership with Jet Life, allows artists to distribute content to 170 million BitTorrent users. And each Bundle comes with a key. Fans can unlock artist content with an email address, or a donation."