Crazed Fan Jumps In The Ring To Confront WWE's Seth Rollins During Promo

Kyle Rooney
August 16, 2016 10:39

Rollins kept his cool when this idiot hopped in his ring.

During last night's live taping of RAW, Seth Rollins was in the ring cutting a promo for his upcoming SummerSlam match against the "Demon King" Finn Balor when a rogue fan hopped a barrier and slid under the ropes to confront the former champ. 

Unfortunately, Seth only pushed the dude away instead of giving him a pedigree right there on the spot. He did do a great job of tying the unexpected interruption into his monologue while security wrestled with the idiot on the mat. 

As it turns out, the fan, 23-year old Edward Ferrero bit one of the security guards on the forearm. 

Security told the Corpus Christi Police ... the fan jumped a gated area and when he made contact with security, he BIT ONE OF THE GUARDS ON THE FOREARM!!!

Thankfully, cops say the security guard did not require medical attention. Ferrero was eventually arrested for assault and criminal trespass. 

Fans trying to get into the ring isn't anything new in the WWE, in fact it seems like these kind of things are quite common, but nobody ever gets the beat down they deserve.

Unless we're talking about the guy who tried to break up Triple H's match with Stone Cold Steve Austin years ago; he got the full can of whoop ass.


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LIFESTYLE Crazed Fan Jumps In The Ring To Confront WWE's Seth Rollins During Promo