Phil Brooks aka CM Punk, looks to be on his way out of MMA, if his performance at UFC 225 is any indication. 19 months after his debut in the promotion, CM Punk returned to fight on a card also featuring a Middleweight tilt between Robert Whittaker and Yoel Romero, as well as winning performance from former champ Holly Holm.

Dana White said is best, “No, it should be a wrap, the guy’s 39 years old. We gave him two shots, and he had a lot of heart tonight, and I think he should call it a wrap." White never the less heaped praise on Brooks for sporting a good chin in the process, whilst deriding his opponent Mike Jackson for showboating and not "fighting to the finish." Dana White's comments caught the fighter completely off guard, as he jumped on Twitter to voice his general confusion and plead his case.

In the end, all three judges scored the fight 30-26 for Jackson. Punk's outing in September 2016 saw him lose out to welterweight prospect Mickey Gall. In that fight, Punk was taken down almost immediately, tapping out at the 2:14 mark. This go around, his opponent's "ground and pound" offense was enough to keep him at bay. Check this lil' highlight reel right here: