Streetwear brand CLOT hasn’t made a whole lot of noise recently, but they’re still a recognizable brand after years of high-profile collaborations with Nike. This time they’re going a bit further outside the box with their latest collaboration by linking up with vodka brand ABSOLUT.

The capsule collection the two all-caps brands have created is small, only consisting of three total pieces. There are two hoodies and one dad hat, and everything is kept pretty minimal. One hoodie features a black and white photo with small text underneath that reads ‘ABSOLUT’, while the other has the play on words – ‘Spirits Are Relative, Vodka Is ABSOLUT’. Each sleeve has a custom co-branded logo which the ABSOLUT ‘A’ along with CLOT’s circular logo. The hat features the same co-branded design.

So far, this has only been released in Asia. If you’re willing to pay shipping, you can get it on-sale now at the ABSOLUT Chinese store.