After adding players like Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to their roster, it's clear that the Los Angeles Clippers are all in on becoming the premiere franchise in Los Angeles. For decades now, the Los Angeles Lakers have gotten top billing in the city and the Clippers have had to play second fiddle. While the Lakers will be title contenders next year, the Clippers have an opportunity to be even better and the team's owner, Steve Ballmer, is well aware of this. 

In an effort to separate themselves from the Lakers, it looks like the Clippers want to move out of their shared home, the Staples Center, and into an arena in Inglewood. Moving to Inglewood would help the team establish a new fan base while giving themselves their very own home. To get fans excited about this prospect, the Clippers released a hype video of what arena would look like and how exciting the games will be.

The video features highlights from some of the team's best players, not including Leonard and George. Once those players suit up for a real game, it's clear that the city will be even more excited about their union.

As of right now, the future of this arena is uncertain as it was reported that New York Knicks owner James Dolan has a stake in the location they want to choose. The Clippers Staples Center lease will expire in 2024 so they'll have quite a bit of time to find a solution.