A new NBA season has arrived, the Cavaliers have been presented their championship rings, but people still haven't forgotten about the fact that Golden State blew a 3-1 Finals lead. 

That narrative has been a running joke on #BasketballTwitter throughout the offseason but it reached the pinnacle last night when the Cavs championship rings were unveiled, featuring a reference to their improbable comeback against the Warriors. 

Per the ring designers at Kay Jewelers

"On the interior side of the ring is a line of seven gemstones to represent the best-of-seven games in an NBA Finals series. In the order the games were won, three white diamonds depict the Golden State Warriors and four genuine "wine-colored" garnets represent the Cavaliers, symbolizing the first time in NBA history that any team has overcome a 3-1 deficit to become NBA Champions."

This gaudy 6.5 carat piece of championship hardware is reportedly the heaviest of any championship ring weighing over 165 grams, featuring 10K white gold and 14K yellow gold.

See how some of the Cavs players (and their girlfriends) celebrated their new jewelry below.