One would assume that Future is a busy man. The autotune crooner has tours, press tops, studio time, and other important matters on his schedule. Still, nothing should come before being a father. Ciara and Future have been having trouble ironing out a proper travel schedule for their son Future Jr., and according to TMZthe "Goodies" singer has had enough. Legal documents acquired by the media site state that Ciara's legal team is asking the court to force Future to enter mediation. She is requesting that a judge sit down between the two of them while they create a travel schedule for their son. 

Ciara claims that Future misses scheduled visits regularly, and that he drops off Future Jr. with his mother or grandmother without much contact when he does pick his son up. Although spending time with Grandma isn't the issue, Ciara is more concerned that Future is delegating child-rearing duties to his mother when he should be spending more time with his son. The hectic travel plans for the four year old have been weighing heavy on the child, according to the singer. She would like to settle this out of court, but that hasn't worked up to this point. If Future refuses to sit down for a mediation, Ciara plans on taking the case to trial.