Last year, Marvel's Infinity War left the cinematic universe in shambles, as Thanos decimated fifty-percent of the world's population in one snap. The event, which claimed the "lives" of many prominent superheroes, made for one of the MCU's defining scenes. Though recently announced sequels for Spider-Man and Black Panther point to a snap-reversed, the gravity remains. Of course, Chris Pratt's own Peter "Star-Lord Quill was one of many to bite the bullet, along with the entirety of his fellow Guardians, save for Rocket. With the resourceful raccoon expecting an extended role in Endgame, Pratt has recently taken a moment to stoke the fires of hype for the upcoming, inevitably record-breaking film. 

During an appearance on Good Morning America, Pratt trolled hosts and audiences alike."“I could tell you so much,” he joked. “I could. I am a vault of information that would break the internet.” Instead, he opted for general, though still enticing platitudes.  “Everything it promises in the previous movie, it delivers on, and so much more," he promises.

Though we have yet to see any of the "snapped ones"  in the released footage, it stands to reason that they'll be finding their way back to the fold, one way or another. Some speculate that the Quantum Realm will play a part. Others believe Thanos can be swayed to undo his decision, given his brief yet powerful display of genuine emotion. In any case, we won't have long to wait. Endgame drops April 26; between that and Game Of Thrones, nerds EATIN'. 

Ollie Millington/Getty Images