Chris Bosh's NBA career may have come to a halt last week, but that doesn't mean he's not thankful.

Bosh wrote an open letter to Miami and its fans on his website this weekend, thanking them for embracing him as a player and person during that he called a "period of change" in his life. "It was scary leaving Toronto, a place where people really loved and supported me, and I wasn't sure if that great feeling would follow me. When I arrived in Miami, I was just hoping for glory and mention amongst the immortals of basketball. What I got was so much more."

Bosh also wrote about how he's learned to "dream again," saying "I've learned how to appreciate the game of basketball and all the things I've experienced even more now. People will always see the trophies and banners and think that's the whole story. But it's only a piece, only a moment in time [...] Even when things changed for me and I couldn't play, people still supported me and let me know what basketball in Miami meant for them. I truly cherish those encounters. 

Bosh, 33, hasn't played in a game since February 2016 due to blood clots. He won two championships with the Heat. Read the full letter here.