Recent reports indicate a date has been set for Chicago-bred rapper Chief Keef. The entertainer was arrested back in 2017 on marijuana-related offences. Precisely, the 23-year old was performing in Sioux Falls and was stopped at the regional airport on his way out. In his carry-on bag, security found a series of THC items which included blunts and edibles. Since then, the rapper was slammed with 2 counts: possession of a controlled substance and possession of two ounces or less of marijuana.

According to Argus Leader, Keith Farelle Cozart, Sosa's real name, is scheduled to plead guilty to both charges. His sentencing was set within a Minnehaha County court last Thursday and is expected to occur on Friday morning. This follows the rapper's previous attempts to have the charges dismissed last year, with his legal team disputing that the provided definition for the found marijuana articles was "unconstitutionally vague." Herein, Chief Keef's lawyers attempted to sustain the argument that THC-infused edibles could potentially be considered outside the scope of actual marijuana. The latter would also classify them as unrelated to a "controlled substance."

Though epigrammatic, their back and forth with the judge resulted in the aforementioned attempts being shut down.