Headed to a Juvenile Detention Center for 60 days, Chief Keef is a hot topic of discussion in the hip hop community these days as many are arguing the merits of his musical ability, alongside him glamorizing the violent street life of Chicago.  Interscope label mate, 50 Cent, has had a lot to say about the Chi Town rapper, and in a recent interview a noticeably uncomfortable Keef addressed their relationship.  He also mentioned Young Jeezy, and why he chose Jimmy Iovine’s company over signing with the Snowman. 

After the 300 rapper failed to show to a video shoot, 50 Cent has been vocal about his thoughts on the young artist.   When asked if Fif was his mentor, a seemingly distracted Keef said he was not, but they are on good terms, “We cool, we be riddin Ferraris together.  He tell me a lot of stuff, a lot of do’s and don’ts, but I dunno who told you that stuff right there though.”

Many labels were clamoring a the chance to sign the “I Don’t Like” sensation, with Jeezy’s imprint being one of them.  Keef talked about his dealings with Jizzle, “Jeezy cool though, he came and spoke some words to me too.  Before I signed to Interscope he came...he wanted me to be with him, he wanted to start a movement, know what I’m sayin?”

It was Interscope’s size and reach that ultimately led to the GBE rapper signing with them, “I can sign people, why would I sign with Young Jeezy?,” adding, “and [Interscope] gave me my own label.”

Check out the interview in full, as Keef avoids the majority of questions, and clearly is not yet comfortable during interviews, or has little interest in them.