Chief Keef's legal troubles continue to mount day by day, with a recent arrest following his appearance in court just this past week, and then yesterday, an arrest warrant issued for Keef in Miami, plus a second paternity test, and the list goes on. With all these incidents, the average person may start to stress, however, Chief Keef is apparently not worried about anything.

In a new interview with Keef's manager in the Chicago Tribune, the manager, Rovan Manuel, speaks on the rapper's run-ins with the law, and explains Keef's laid-back attitude towards things of the sort.

Reportedly, the rapper is a "little upset" but not too worried about his legal woes. "You know how people are that smoke pot," Manuel said. "They try not to worry about too much." Although, his manager did mention that the Florida incident still needs resolving.

Manuel continued to describe Keef, "He isn’t the type of person that really worries." He added, "He likes to do what he likes to do."

Below you can watch the Tribune's footage of Keef leaving court.