Chief Keef has been getting a little too cozy with jail time recently, having been in jail twice since October, both on drug-related offenses. The rapper is avoiding a third prison stay by finally paying off some of the child support he owes his baby mama.

According to TMZ, Keef paid off just enough of the $20,900 he owes in child support, in order to avoid jail time once more. The court documents obtained by the gossip site show that on October 21st a Cook County judge made a proposal to Keef-- give your baby mama $11,000 and avoid going to jail. Keef took the deal.

This is just one issue though, Keef is still expected in court on December 10th for failing to show up to his mandatory child support hearings from earlier in the year. If the judge finds that the Chi-town rapper is in contempt, chances are he'll go back to jail.

Peep several photos of Keef with his daughter and a stack of cash (!) in the gallery above.