Not everybody views sneakers as just something to put on your feet. A lot of people in the sneaker community view their footwear as pieces of art, often showing off their collection of kicks in their home, or for others to see on sites like Instagram. 

Artists, like Jeff Cole aka @JColegraphix, have taken the sneaker obsession to the next level by turning classic kicks into literal pieces of artwork, laid out on a canvas, that can be hung on the wall of your dorm, office, man cave... wherever. 

If you've ever looked at a pair of sneakers and thought that they reminded you of an exotic animal, car, or your favorite childhood superhero then you'll appreciate the work that Jeff Cole has aggregated on his IG page.

From Yeezys molded to resemble Kanye's face to a Velociraptor made out of "Raptor" Air Jordan 5s, the artwork that he has produced is worth a look even if you don't consider yourself a "sneakerhead." 

Hit the gallery above for some of our favorite pieces of sneaker art and check out the @JColegraphix page to inquire about copping something for yourself.