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  June 21, 2016 12:01
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HNHH Premiere! Che Ecru makes his HNHH introduction with "Benefits."

Nowadays when you hear some hot r'n'b type shit, 77% of the time you probably assume it's from Toronto. That's not necessarily a bad presumption, Toronto has been responsible for popularizing a new age r'n'b wave, but music knows no bounds, and thus, although my first instinct was to say Che Ecru must be from the 6 (he does get some inspiration from it though, as you'll find out below), he's not. He's from Boston. 

Today we're excited to introduce you to Che, with the premiere of his latest record "Benefits." The 19-year old singer, whose vocal cadence is akin to The Weeknd (to be sure, he distinguishes himself from Abel in other regards: production, style) is truly a homegrown artist. He creates all of his music himself, in his bedroom "alone, and in the dark" (his words)-- and by all, I literally mean all: he sings, he writes, he plays guitar, he produces, he mixes, he masters. 

Che tells us that "Benefits" started to take shape during a recent train ride to NYC, with a little help from the 6 God. "I was on a train to New York when I produced this song," he says. "VIEWS dropped the day before and I couldn't stop listening to it." He ended up sampling  "Summers Over Interlude" to create the beat for "Benefits," referring to the interlude as "the most beautiful, sad, and yet vintage song I've heard in a really long time. I had to do it." We're glad he did.

Take a listen and stay tuned for more from Che. You can check out more from him on Soundcloud here, he dropped an EP two months ago.

Quotable Lyrics

And when I met you I could tell that you weren't easy
But I don't love you I won't cry when you go leave me
It wasn't really love just something we both like to do
I loved your body more than I loved you

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