Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal are usually the ones throwing jabs at each other on the set of TNT's "Inside The NBA," but when an outsider starts talking shit, the two Hall Of Famers have each others back - Even if the trash talk is coming from a little kid.

Last night the Inside The NBA crew watched footage from the latest "Book of Isaiah" episode, in which Isaiah Thomas and his two sons are talking about Kobe Bryant’s retirement.

"No, he's done. He's old," Thomas says to his sons.

"He's not that old," James responds.

"He's not, like, fat, like um... Shaq," added Thomas' other son Jaiden.

That exchange between Isaiah and his boys prompted a hilarious response from Barkley who said, "Next time I see the little kid, Imma punch you in your left eye. You don't talk bad about Shaquille O'Neal." 

Check out the clip below.