Chance The Rapper and former President Barack Obama have developed a mutual respect, and now, the duo have teamed up for a PSA about Obama's "My Brother's Keeper Alliance." In case you're not aware, the MBK movement was started by Barack Obama in 2014, with the intention of making communities safer for people of color. In the clip, Obama addresses those in need, stating "I want you to know, you matter. There is nothing, not a single thing, that's more important to the future of America than whether or not young people all across this country can achieve their dreams."  

Chance delivers an impassioned plea for the youth, emphasizing the noble intention of the initiative with the words "I am my brother's keeper." You can check out the entire visual below, which also features an appearance from Steph Curry. It's not the first time Chance has linked up with Barack Obama, and it surely won't be the last. After all, they both hail from Chicago, and last month, Chano performed at the Obama Foundation Summit, alongside Gloria Estefan and The National. And while Obama may no longer be president, he's clearly still dedicated to noble pursuits; the Foundation Summit's intention is to unite leaders across the world in the hopes of discussing prevalent social issues.

Whether you long for the days of Barack Obama in office or not, it's still cool to see a president so intimately linked to the hip-hop community. Don't forget to check out the powerful "My Brother's Keeper" visual below.