As many of you probably know by now, Cardi B is one of hip-hop's most visible personalities on social media. There's rarely an issue, either personal to her or that is on everyone's lips from a pop culture standpoint, that she doesn't feel the need to comment on. Last night is a perfect example of this, after the rapper posted a video to her Instagram profile which aimed to provide from sage advice for her female fans.

The topic of discussion: how to deal with your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend if she happens to be wildin' out on social media, saying and/or doing some aggravating things. In Cardi's mind, the only thing you should be doing is nothing. Well, at least nothing drastic. "If the bitch that used to f**k your n***a be doing s**t on, you know, they social, Instagram media, whatever the f**k, trying to be petty, don't be arguing to your man about that, you know what I'm saying? Because that's they goal. The bitch want you guys to argue about her," explained the "Bodak Yellow" artist. 

Cardi shared some personal experience in this area as well, recounting a tale about a time when her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend used to throw shade at her because, at the time, she wasn't a big star. After a while, the ex-boyfriend's girlfriend used social media to make it look as if Cardi had lifted a purse. Eventually, Bardi's sister saw that same woman shoplift a handbag, so let this be a lesson to everyone out there: people shouldn't talk down on others.

You can check out that video, along with some other precious Cardi B moments, below.