Cam'ron's been in the news a lot recently, for his fashion collaboration problems and Jay Z shouting him out on "Pound Cake." The latter received a response from Cam'ron, and although the rapper says he has no hard feelings towards Hov, he seems to think Hov doesn't share his same sentiment.

While talking to MTV News about the "Pound Cake" line, Cam said that as far as he knows, all Dipset music is prohibited from playing in the 40/40 Club-- which is owned by Jay Z. So Cam concludes that Hov is more upset about their past history than he is.

"My thing is, I think he got more of an attitude with us, than we have with him. We had our moment back and forth, but I'm kinda over it," Killa Cam said. "Like you go to 40/40 Club you not allowed to play Diplomat music. It's ridiculous. I got DJs who deejay in there, who are my people, and you can't play no Diplomat music in there. When we irk you that much, that's the thing that makes me be like wow. 'Cause if I had $500 million nothin' could make me mad. Just for the simple fact that we get under your skin that much, good. 'Cause we that fly, we  that flashy. We just that type of people to get you upset."