Over the past few months, much has been made about Bronny James Jr and his talents out on the basketball court. Many believe he has the potential to make the NBA someday and is considered to be a prime prospect for the NCAA. Bronny has been seen on video partaking in some pretty incredible dunks all while taking over his AAU games. Next season, Bronny will be teaming up with Dwyane Wade's son, Zaire Wade, at Sierre Canyon High School where they will become the next great high school dynamic duo. 

Wade recently took to Instagram where he and Bronny showed off their superior dunking abilities in an open gym.


At 17 years old, Zaire is three years older than Bronny but they both play at a level beyond their years. If these two can develop some chemistry on the court, there is no telling what they will be able to accomplish against their competition.

It's way too early to tell whether or not these young men will be successful in professional basketball but it's clear they take after their fathers when it comes to their love of the game. If they can continue to build and work, perhaps they will be the next generation of NBA talent fans have been yearning for.

Either way, it's fun to watch and that's all that should matter right now.