Denver Broncos veteran cornerback, Aqib Talib, was one of three people who shot early Sunday morning following a fight at a Stemmons Corridor strip club in Dallas, Texas.

According to reports, a club goer pulled a gun at around 2:45am and shot one person inside the V Club. The fight spilled out into the street where another person was shot, though both Talib and the other unidentified person were said to have non life threatening injuries.

The 30-year old Talib, who was reportedly shot in the leg, has since been released from Dallas' Medical City Hospital emergency room but has not been discharged from the hospital just yet. 

The Broncos d-back is expected to miss the team's trip to the White House on Monday as President Obama honors the Super Bowl Champion squad. 


According to ProFootballTalk, there is a belief among those in the Broncos camp that Talib actually shot himself amidst the chaos inside the strip club.

As to Talib, there’s a chance that the suspect is well known, to him. Chatter has emerged via online reports and speculation that Talib accidentally shot himself, presumably during the altercation sparked by the other shootings.

Indeed, one of the first rumors making the rounds among players after news broke of the incident was that Talib shot himself. As of Sunday, the possibility of a self-shooting was being explored by the Broncos, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.