Brockhampton "FACE" Video

Matt F
May 08, 2017 15:14

Watch the video for Brockhampton's new single "FACE."

Brockhampton, the crew featuring Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion and Romil among others, released a track from their upcoming project over the weekend entitled "FACE." 

It's the first single from the group since their well-received debut mixtape All-American Trash, with individual members having raised their profiles since that release - most notably Abstract, who released his debut American Boyfriendlast year. Brockhampton layer "FACE" sees JOBA, Champion and Ameer Vann speak of the trials and pitfalls of love, while other members of the group feel the need to destroy a whole bunch of business in the background, which is a strange counteraction to the music, which is pretty soothing. Maybe they didn't get the contractor they wanted for the home reno they were doing. 

Their new mixtape will appear next month.

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