Bow Wow supposedly owes the IRS $91,105.61 in unpaid taxes, according to governemnt documents obtained by TMZ, dating back to 2006.  TMZ says, "a tax lien filed in Florida by the federal government says the rapper, real name Shad Gregory Moss, owes the government $91,105.61 for unpaid taxes from the year 2006."

However, Bow Wow denied this in a blog post he wrote on November 26th to his fans about his the delay of his album "Underrated." He wrote, "TMZ saying they are about to runa story on me thats once again "Not True" as im sitting in my beautiful condo as of RIGHT NOW that they said i dont have anymore. (Bow Wow with no home thats like a whore that doesn't like d**k) We all know not to believe anything the media writes or blogs its their job to entertain the minds of the simple minded [sic],"