Boogie Drunk Texts SZA In "Self Destruction" Video

Devin Ch
May 25, 2018 15:01

Boogie has taken a psychedelic turn for the best.

Boogie makes music for any season. As promised, Boogie (not to be confused with A Boogie from the Bronx) dropped the music video for "Self Destruction" a mere ten hours after the song leaked. Knowing full well he had the backing of Shady Records, there were high hopes for the final result, and yes he delivered.

The video opens with a Zeppelin-sized Boogie emptying out his pocket before cutting to a life size image of him perched next to a piano. Interestingly enough, he appears unfazed by the snowfall in his living room. He gets in a plank position and starts his morning calisthenics while the snow thickens. A dog on the other side of the room yaps at the daily news coverage pouring out of a box teevee. Nothing is objectively real, except maybe the bike ride with his pals, a single sober moment before the group passes a man eating a taco while in levitation. Just another day in Bompton, you might say.

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