Defensive Tackle Dereck Boles played in all 13 games for Boise State last season as a redshirt freshman and he was poised for a larger role on the Broncos' defensive line this season. I say "was" because Boles was dismissed from the team in February... for biting off part of a teammates ear. 

Boles was charged by the Boise Police Department for felony mayhem after a Feb. 12 incident in which he allegedly was in a physical altercation with another male at an East End residence, biting him on the ear and tearing a portion of it off. The man who was allegedly bitten was treated at a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

In addition to being kicked of the Boise State football team, Boles was recently arrested for felony mayhem, which is apparently what they charge you with when you start eating ears. The maximum punishment for such a crime is 14 years in state prison.

This might sound strange, but this is exactly the type of guy you want in the trenches attacking the quarterback. A complete and utter savage 24/7/365.

If he avoids jail time, there's a gritty team in Oakland that would probably give him a tryout in a heartbeat.