Chadwick Boseman hosted SNL this past weekend, and somehow, the highest grossing superhero movie star in the world made one sketch almost as amazing as the movie itself. In what was possibly the funniest edition of Saturday Night Live's "Black Jeopardy," Boseman appeared as T'Challa, and completely misses the mark on American culture. It appears that black people in Wakanda don't have issues with the police. 

Keenan Thompson plays the host, who gives T'Challa the clue: "The policeman says there's been some robberies in your neighborhood and asks if you have any information." T'Challa responds, "Not only do I tell this man what I know but I also assist him in tracking down the offender. After all, our ministers of law enforcement are only here to protect us." Black Panther is also lost when it comes to the education systems in America. 

“You send your smart-ass child here cause she thinks she grown,” is another clue given to T’Challa, who answers: “...To one of our free universities where she can apply her intelligence, and perhaps one day become a great scientist.” 

The hilarity continues when T'Challa finally catches on. "You friend Karen brings her potato salad to your cookout," is the clue that finally gets Black Panther some points. "I sense that this white woman does not season her food. And if she does it is only with a tiny bit of salt. And no paprika. And she will probably add something unnecessary, like raisins. So, something tells me that I should say, "Aw, hell no, Karen, keep your bland-ass potato salad to yourself." 

Check out one of the funniest skits to ever premiere on SNL below.