Protesters are marching all across the United States as they seek to see real change when it comes to injustice and police brutality. After George Floyd was murdered by the police in Minneapolis, it became clear that people weren't going to stand for these atrocities any longer and the protests are a prime example of that. 

Protesting all day long can definitely get hard and when the subject matter is so heavy, it is important to maintain your mental health and keep things light every once in a while. Well, in the video clip below, that's exactly what some demonstrators did. As you can see, they placed a basketball net on a school bus and wrote "Black Lives Matter" on the backboard. From there, they engaged in a friendly dunk contest that featured some pretty incredible athletic feats.

Certain media organizations would rather post videos of rioters and looters who aren't even real members of the protests. However, when it comes to heartwarming clips like this, they stay silent. It's clear as day that many of the protesters want to bring about real change while also providing a safe space for members of the community. While this dunk contest may play well to social media, it speaks to the idea that these protests are overwhelmingly positive and are bringing folks together.

The NBA should have these guys take part in the dunk contest at next season's all-star game.